Between an Asbo and a bullet in the head

I was listening to radio 2 today, and the discussion was about the growth of thefts of metal.  You know, drain covers, lead roofs, copper pipes and so on.  They were interviewing some chap who was explaining that the market in China and India was why metal prices had risen so much, making it profitable for thieves.

He expressed the sentiment that we are just too soft on our criminals – they just get an asbo for theft.  In China, he said, they would get a bullet in the head.  Clive Anderson, the host, chipped in, “so something between an asbo and a bullet in the head, then.”

One important thing that came out of the discussion, besides crime and punishment, was that it is true that China and India are importing a lot of metal, oil and so on to drive their economy, but it is also true that we are importing the goods made from that metal, oil and so on.  We really do need to work on our consumption habits.

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