Large emails on a narrow bandwidth

A missionary friend recently sent an email to her supporters asking that they don’t send emails with photographs or attachments.  The reason: she receives emails not through broadband nor even dial-up but by radio.  It makes for a very slow and expensive way to receive large emails that might not really interest you.

Now that broadband is so prevelent in developed nations it’s easy to forget that it’s not piped into every remote village around the world.

So this begged the question: if someone does send you a large email, how do you stop it getting through in its entirety, whilst still letting you know that it’s been sent?

The answer is Thunderbird.  Not the puppet show from the 60s, but an email program like Outlook express (except it’s much much better).

Once installed, you can tell thunderbird to limit email downloads to any size you like.  It’s really easy, and here’s how:

1) Select Tools->Account Settings

Tools Account Settings

2) Click on Disk Space, then specify the maximum message size in KBsAccount Settings

And you’re done.

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