Thunderbird Seek

I love my Thunderbird email program: it’s easy to use and has lots of nice features that makes organising my emails really nice and easy.

One of the things about Mozilla programs like Thunderbird I like is that they’re easily extendable – other people can write little programs which you can load into Thunderbird to do something that Thunderbird can’t – or to do something in a way that suits you.

So I was particularly interested to see a little program created by MIT called Seek.  MIT refer to Seek as a kind of faceted browsing.  Faceted browsing is a way to narrow down the number of emails in a list by selecting particular properties, like only emails from the past week + from + includes the word “cheese”.  Rather than typing all that stuff in, the program looks at what’s in your mailbox and gives you those options (except cheese perhaps).

Thought I, that will make it really easy to sort through my email, especially because I use quite a few email accounts and have lots and lots of folders to help me organise things the way a like.

Sadly I jumped the gun.  The little program, despite showing such great promise, can’t search within sub-folders, and it certainly can’t search across multiple inboxes at the same time.  Such a shame.

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