My favourite spam comments

Just got this one in my moderation tray:

“Hi there, I discover that your situation is rather perceptive as it highlights a lot of accurate data. By the way, was thinking whether you would adore to interchange web links with my web portal, as I am looking to make contacts to further spear thing and gain ground for my world-wide-web space. I do not mind you laying my internet links at the home page, just approving this links on this specific write-up is over enough. Furthermore, would you be sort ample contact me at my internet space if you are keen in the link exchange, I would very like that. Best wishes from me and hope to hear from you shortly!”

It’s rather strange language, perhaps a translation tool was used, or the person who sent it was a real spanner.

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    One Response to My favourite spam comments

    1. cheenie says:

      must be written by a Chinese, who is English is fluent. What are you going to do about my PCness, eh?

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