Working at a Standing Desk

For about a week now, I’ve been trying something new with my desk arrangement, switching from a traditional sit-down affair to standing up.  I think it was probably an article on that got me thinking about it and since I’m about to move house I’ve been thinking about my office arrangement anyway.

Doing a bit of research I discovered that people reckon that there are a number of benefits of standing at the desk, including: losing weight, better posture, better general fitness, better concentration and better productivity.

So, I’ve been doing this now for about a week with a rather adhoc arrangement.

As soon as I started I felt a bit of de-ja-vu – it reminded me of my mainframe operations days working for the Civil Service.  You cannot believe how physical a computer job can be.  I’ve got some photos buried somewhere.

At the end of the second day I was really struggling, but now I am completely knackered.  Of course what all these people say about the benefits they fail to mention the pain that goes with it. Wimp!

Besides the pain of standing on my feet all day, I have noticed that there are indeed a few positive benefits: I move around a lot; I’m listening to some great funky music; I do actually get more work done; I appreciate slouching in front of the telly in the evening.

I can’t say that I have lost any weight because I’ve not weighed myself for years, so have no clue about where I started anyway.  All I can say is that my belly seems to be about the same size as before, so if I have lost any weight it’s really marginal.

Now that I’ve got my make-shift desk I am considering the next step. I need to find a solution that is a little more comfortable especially with regards to mouse placement and a flat place to write on.  But at least I am finding out the issues before I splash any cash.  I’m actually thinking about building something myself, so who knows what monstrocity that will yield.


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