Standing Desk

It’s been a bit over a year since I started experimenting on and off with a standing desk.  For most of the year I’ve been been balancing my keyboard and mouse on things.  The latest incarnation made use of some of my largest tomes and some plastic storage draw thing.

It worked fine, except for having to look down on the monitor, which I should have done something about, but didn’t.

If you’re thinking about using a standing desk, I would seriously consider doing what I did:  don’t spend any money on it.  Having the option to easily revert to sitting comfortably is necessary for training yourself to this very new way of working.  It’s also important to work out what height works best for you, especially if you’re going to create a fixed height jobby.

For a while though, I’ve been thinking about a more permanent alternative, buying an adjustable desk (lots of dosh), converting my existing desk, or adding to my existing desk.  I chose the latter, so I haven’t ruined my old desk, which I do like because it’s an honest chunk of wood.

So after much deliberation I did this:

It’s made of 18mm plywood on the sides and top, and 6mm plywood on the back.  I’ve used dowels to fix the top to the sides.

And you can see pine at the bottom (and the top) onto which I nailed the thinner ply.  The back helps give the structure some rigidity.  There are a couple of holes for cables and wotnot.

And of course a top view.

I’ve only been using the new desk a few hours, and one thing I have noticed already is that the big area under the desk is acting like a resonator, so my keyboard tapping is being amplified.  Can’t wait to hear the speakers at full blast.

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    3 Responses to Standing Desk

    1. kyith says:

      wow i like your setup. much better than mine i feel! what do you work as ?

    2. Mark says:

      Thanks, I’m pretty pleased and relieved the way it’s turned out. I was worried it would be too wobbly because of the lack of front support, but it’s actually pretty solid. Web developer, to answer your question.

    3. prasad says:

      I wonder if we need something adjustable such that we can work sitting and standing as needed?

      keyboard and mouse is not a problem since they can be easily moved up and down with a wireless setup. monitor will also work if it is adjustible such that you can tilt it back so that it is visible when standing. and one of those chairs with huge vertical movement will help you work standing but with a little bit of butt support.

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