Hello and welcome to my new personal webspace. You are probably wondering what the name of the site is all about.  Well, it’s a long story, and those who know, know.  Let’s just say it relates to Grice’s theory of conversational implicature.

For a living I design and run a number of websites for myself and for other people and organisations.  The main sites I have whole responsibility for are environmentally themed and are called www.tenbees.co.uk and www.greenercheaper.com.

Tenbees is an environmental news site.  The site’s aim is to focus on the good things people, organisations and government are doing for the environment.  It’s easy to bash people over the head and have a good moan, but rarely that brings about change.  The topics are actually very broad, so I hope you find the site interesting.

GreenerCheaper is what the site might seem to be from the name.  It’s a green price comparison site.  Have a look around, you will be surprised what green products are available, and they don’t need to be expensive.

I also design and run sites for other people, and you can find out more about what I am doing on my website dedicated to this activity here: www.GetupandRunning.net

For a number of years I worked as a computational linguist – in English that means I designed computer programs and algorithms to understand English and do useful things with that understanding.  Search engines are an example of a program that uses this information to find you better results.

Although I don’t do this all the time now, it is a topic I closely follow.

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